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Vision Video Shaping the Future of Audio

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Our Mission: Driving innovation forward

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Creative playground

We are a creative playground for interested thinkers inside SWR, that enable colleagues to build fitting solutions with transparent workflows to optimise the performance for audio products without the traditional organizational ladder.

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Cloud first

For us cloud-first is not a buzzword, but everyday business. By using a modern technology stack we can attack problems faster and better than ever before. It also gives us the opportunity to build prototypes and run experiments without huge investments.


Sprachassistenten Alexa, Siri & Co.: SWR Angebote im Überblick

Sie können Nachrichten abrufen, Musik hören oder nach dem Wetter fragen: Sprachassistenten „Echo“ oder „Google Home“ sind wahre Alleskönner. Auch der SWR ist dort zu finden.  mehr...

Creating and shaping together

Voice Business Intelligence

Simply connect Amazon Alexa or Google Home voice assistants with a BI like AT Internet. Therefore this projects works as an API hosted on Google Cloud Functions.  mehr...

SWR Radiohub: Core API Service

Access to all publicly available APIs on Github.  mehr...

On the road

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