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We care about the safety of your data and strive to make you feel safe when visiting our offers. The passages below shall give you an idea of the type of data we collect and how we use them.

Anonymous and ad-free use

Surfing the is anonymous. With no express consent from your part we will not collect any personal data and we refrain from creating a user profile. Our sites/offers are ad-free which is why your browsing behavior will not be tracked by any advertisement providers’ tracking program.  

Personal data

 Your personal data such as your name, your telephone number or your email address will only get to us if you disclose such explicitly to us – i.e. because you want to subscribe to a newsletter and therefore provide us with the email address to which you want us to send the newsletter.

 We shall keep these data stored for as long as you want to use the service in question and will only delete them when you no longer want to make use of it. We shall keep your personal data confidential and shall not pass them to any third party. You may access your data, have them rectified, deleted or blocked or revoke your consent to use your data at any time (see below: right of access).

 Should you send us a message, then we might want to read your message on the radio or on television and publish it in our online-offers i.e. because it may be of interest in a discussion or an important clue to other spectators, listeners or users. In such case we shall always provide your name, surname and place of residence only – never your entire address.

  Log file data

 When accessing our websites/offers, a number of technical data are transmitted by your browser which will be logged by the Your IP address, your browser ID and domain, the name of the file which was retrieved, date and time of the retrieval, the data volume transmitted as well as the successful retrieval are saved in a log file.

 On the one hand, any and all data in the log files will not be attributed to a specific person and will never be merged with any of your personal data in our records on the other hand. The log files are for internal use only and shall never be passed on to any third party. We use them to eliminate technical errors or to ensure that unauthorized persons do not get access to our systems.

  Statistical data

 In a procedure separate from personal data and log file data, we collect statistical data which document the use of our internet offers. These data help us analyse which field the offers most often used fall into or the number of times certain videos were accessed on a specific date.

 At no point in time do we actually observe our users as identifiable persons. When visiting our internet offers/sites, your user data will be merged into the survey without providing a basis for attributing them to you as a person. Your visit to this privacy site is one of roughly 600 anonymous visits per month.

  Safety notice

 We do our utmost to protect your personal data from unauthorised access and abuse by using appropriate technical and organizational measures. Please be aware of the fact that data safety can under no circumstances be granted for the internet should you chose to communicate by email, which is also why we recommend you send sensitive and confidential information by post. We shall not be liable for links to external sites/offers on

Data privacy form requirements

The legal entity under public law:

Südwestrundfunk (SWR)
represented by its Director General (Intendant) Peter Boudgoust
Neckarstraße 230
70190 Stuttgart

is considered the controller within the meaning of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU-GDPR) and other national privacy laws as well as other privacy law provisions.

The rights provided for under the European Data Protection Regulation (EU-GDPR) are applicable, especially the right of access, the right to rectification and the right to erasure, should personal data be processed. Any given consent to data processing may be revoked at any time. Should you think that in processing any such personal data, your protection-worthy interests have been violated by the SWR, you may file a complaint with the privacy authority; Prof. Dr. Armin Herb, privacy officer, is the competent person at the SWR.

Please advise us on the SWR online service in question and on the SWR online service you forwarded your data to. Please contact the privacy officer for any further questions in relation to privacy in broadcasting, including the radio and television fee (Rundfunkbeitrag) and ARD ZDF Deutschlandradio Beitragsservice.

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