The Jury awarded the 58th Karl-Sczuka-Prize to "Meerschallschwamm und Schweigefang", a work by the German composers Ulrike Janssen and Marc Matter.

The support grant goes to Jiří Adámek and Ladislav Źelezný for „Hra na uši / The Ears Game“.

Marc Matter und Ulrike Janssen (Foto: SWR, privat/MEYER ORIGINALS - Filip Messner/Werner Meyer)
Marc Matter und Ulrike Janssen privat/MEYER ORIGINALS - Filip Messner/Werner Meyer

The Karl Sczuka Prize for Works of Radio Art, established by the SWR in 1955, will be awarded this year for the 58th time. The invitation to submit works is public and the award consists of a main prize, endowed with 12.500 euros, and a support grant of 5.000 euros.

An independent jury, consisting of Christina Weiss (chair), Marcel Beyer, Julia Cloot, Michael Grote and Helmut Oehring, selects the prize winner.

The prize will be awarded on 20 October 2019 during the Donaueschingen Festival.

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