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Asylum package II has been passed by the Bundestag Majority pro severer Asylum Rules

429 MEPs voted for the law, 147 parliamentarians voted against, four abstained. The SPD had 30 of the no-vote and all 4 abstentions - that was significantly more opposition than expected. There was more contra than expected.

Bundestag Sitzung

Der Bundestag debattiert über das Asylrecht

The law (PDF) provides faster procedures, special registration centers for refugees without the perspective and the suspension of family reunification in humans provides with limited protection. This affects also refugees under age which their parents want to send for later on.

The Baden-Württemberg Interior Minister Reinhold Gall (SPD) called for more unity, but also better support from the federal government. "If you expect countries to act, the federal government must create such conditions for consistent action," said Gall. “Consequent for the protection of refugees who have fled their home country out of fear but also consequent for people having the right of asylum.

Green Party leader Katrin Göring-Eckardt called the provided law "irresponsible and shabby". They accused the federal government to separate families. Unaccompanied minors, for which a suspension applied would be suspended by authorities.
Göring-Eckardt also criticized the never ending back and forth of the grand coalition. "This is not of the Mean, which is panic and chaos," she complained. There are no proposals for integration in the asylum package II. Past mistakes would be repeated.

There was also criticism towards the accelerated procedure in Parliament. "Within five days laws are rushed through", criticized the left-interior expert Ulla Jelpke. The grand coalition approach was just about the question of how they could deport people, as quickly as possible.

The Integration Commissioner of the Federal Government, Aydan Özoguz, defended the asylum package II against the criticism of the opposition. In her speech, she quoted the former German Chancellor Willy Brandt. Accordingly, it is a misconception that policy chose between black or white. Rather, one must often choose between forced shades of gray. The controversial suspension of family reunification concerns only a "small group" of refugees with uncertain residence, so Özoguz. Last year only 1700 refugees in Germany had received the restricted subsidiary-protection, for which it holds the suspension of family reunification. Plus, the control runs out after two years. It is not going to change the legal situation, said the deputy chairman of the SPD in the final debate.

a law thatexpulsions delinquent foreigners was decided facilitated by the Bundestag. In future, a suspended sentence suffices. This also applies to the limit from which an asylum seeker may be refused recognition as a refugee. The law that came into force at the beginning of this year gets already a new designation. This is the response to the crimes happened in Cologne during New Year's Eve.