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Limitation for refugees Austria Decides on Limitation

Austria intends to limit the admission of asylum seekers. Chancellor Faymann states Austria is going to have admitted 127,500 migrants until 2019. This year’s limit is set on 37,500.

Flüchtlinge an der ungarisch-österreichischen Grenze (14. September 2015)

Refugees on the Austrian border

The number of refugees does not ebb of. Consequently, the government wants to introduce a limit to admissions. “We can’t take all refugees on”, says Werner Faymann. The next four years they want to admit 130.000 refugees to stay. It is a guideline which is based on 1.5% of the Austrian population.

This year there are to be 50.000 fewer admissions granted than last year –which was a number of 90,000 - and it has been decided on to decrease the amount further each year. In 2017 it is going to be 35,000, in 2018 only 30,000 and in 2019 the lowest so far, namely 25,000.

What is going to happen when the guideline limitation is overstepped is still uncertain. Two legal opinions have been asked in order to evaluate the current affair. It is to be published in only a few weeks time. Yet it is nothing more than a possible back-up plan does not exist, the major plan is hoped to be Europe-wide.

Other politicians agree. “We cannot manage another year like 2015”, says Wilfried Haslauer, governor of the state of Salzburg.
Border controls are still to be increased since the high amount of refugees overtaxes Austrian’s abilities and system.

Since Wednesday soldiers support authorities at the border junction Spielfeld through which most of the refuges have to cross. On top of that there is to be built a 3.7 kilometre long fence. In the long run Spielfeld is said to be the only border crossing.
Germany is still hoping for a Europe-wide solution, its main focus is on the reason of the flight.