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Limit for refugees Valls refuses refugee quotas

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls rejects quotas for distribution of refugees in the EU. He was "not in favor" of introducing a fixed spreading mechanism, Valls said at the Security Conference in Munich. He demanded to comply with previously agreed redistribution of 160,000 refugees.

Frankreichs Premierminister Valls

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls rejects quotas.

With this, Valls turns against Chancellor Merkel’s politics. For months she has advertised repeatedly for fixed quotas. And she wants to ensure that more Syrian refugees coming from Turkey and are distributed according to this system in the EU countries. The refugee crisis is discussed at another EU summit in Brussels next week.

Valls admitted admiring the German recording standby and Merkel for her decision. However, the European Union has to pass on the message that "we do not accept more refugees," Valls said at a meeting with German journalists in Munich. "It is time that those negotiations are implemented: Hotspots, external border controls and so on" The refugee crisis unsettles "the citizens of Europe" whose feelings "that Europe has lost control and power over his fate" is permanently increasing.

France cannot accept anymore

France has undertaken the recording of 30,000 refugees: “France cannot accept anymore", said Valls. In 2015 there already have been received 80,000 asylum applications. In addition, the country struggles with high unemployment and a radicalisation of young people with a migration background.

The EU agreed on a redistribution of 160,000 refugees in order to relieve Greece and Italy. However, there is currently no EU majority for a distribution mechanism, Valls added.