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Labour market Refugees Create New Jobs

This year there will be more than 1.500 new jobs in Baden-Württemberg according to SWR surveys. Especially in the social care employees are needed.

Betreuung der Flüchtlinge

The counties want to fill positions in the social care.

According to their own information, departments have to increase job numbers especially in the social care and administration departments. Esslingen multiplied the amount of job by 10: From 6 jobs within a year they increased them by 62, a total of 68 jobs.

Among the regions with the most new jobs is Karlsruhe. There are to be 375 additional jobs. Even in Göppingen more than 100 new employees are to be employed and it is expected to guarantee 3.8 million additional personnel costs this year 2016.

Some departments fear lack of applications

According to SWR surveys there are not enough capable applicants. Especially in the major fields of management and social care the candidate market, deputy head of the district Göppingen Jochen Heinz told SWR.