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Integration Plans Integration Plans of the CDU

CDU defines key points for refugee integration. It includes prospective penalties for asylum seekers who oppose integration and more stringent prerequisites for a right of permanent residence.

Minimum wages

For refugees it should be possible to be excepted from minimum wages, at least when it comes to internships. "People entitled to seek asylum and accepted refugees should get internships that are at least 6 months long and if possible have no minimum wage," says the paper integration of the Papier. The CDU leadership renounced order after the resistance of the SPD and the workers’ wing of the Union in the debate of equalising long-term unemployed and asylum seekers. Even deviations from the minimum wage in the first six months would be possible.

Working Market

A job in the temporary employment sector should be possible to work in after 3 not 15 months. Non-profit organizations should make more efforts to encourage dealing with refugees. Financial commitments are not mentioned in the plans. Labour Minister Andrea Nahles (SPD) demands EUR 450 million from Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble (CDU) for the creation of 100,000 jobs as the one-euro jobs.

Right to Reside

Granted asylum, recognized refugees and beneficiaries of subsidiary protection are to receive a permanent residence permit, obtained only "if they have sufficient knowledge of the German language, have a basic knowledge of our legal and social systems, no crime committed and to secure their livelihood." Family unification is to be made dependent on the "successful participation in integration courses".

Actions for Early Integration

The level for early participation in the integration courses or funding agencies work is to be increased. According to the October asylum package I the level was "good perspective to stay". This is assumed to be an approval rate of over 50 percent by asylum seekers. According to CDU it should "continue to be a 'very good perspective to stay' crucial because we want to help especially Syrians and Iraqis."

Integration Requirements

The CDU aims to introduce laws, federal and state, in which the "conclusion of binding integration agreements" is fixed. In the receiving points there should be a basic language course and a course on the "principles of our coexistence" duty and provided with a final test.


Every granted asylum, recognised refugees and subsidiary protected is to be assigned a residence, if they cannot secure livelihood on their own. Exceptions should be possible when someone is concerned that " the residence of their choice can provide a job and his/her own apartment."


For refugees school leaving compulsory education should be valid until the age of 25. So far it is valid until 18 years.