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Help for refugees on the internet How can I help?

People fleeing from Iraq, Syria or Africa to Germany have to find their way in a new environment and culture. They are looking for guidance, contacts, jobs and accommodation. On the web there are numerous refugee initiatives that are trying to help.

Logo Flüchtlinge willkommen

Initiative "Flüchtlinge Willkommen" - Studenten-WG´s nehmen Flüchtlinge auf


The website "" helps refugees to find a place in shared apartments. So if someone has a spare room in their flat share they can tell the website about it. That is how around 90 refugees have found a room in Constance and Stuttgart, amongst others.

On the website it says: "We'll find a way together to finance the rent." Depending on the local authority and the status of the refugees this could mean, for example, the council taking on the costs or it being financed by donations.

In addition to an accommodation exchange platform there is also an apprenticeship and job exchange for refugees. The platform is called Workeer. It lists currently around 700 applicants and more than 900 jobs. There are more every day.

Permanent jobs can be found on the list with a monthly salary of over 3,000 euros, as well as mini-jobs at ten euros an hour - for example as a cleaner in Stuttgart. However, many of the jobs require more or less a good knowledge of German.

Screenshot hoomn

hoomn: Auch kleine Dinge helfen

To match help with the current demand - that is at the moment a major concern. Hoomn is practically a bulletin board for the smartphone. Using the hashtag "Lächeln schenken" (give a smile) several organizations post concrete requests - also to help refugees - from lack of gym mats to accompanying refugees to local offices. The whole thing is a pilot project. The requests for help are currently concentrated mainly on the Stuttgart metropolitan area.

Germany map to refugee initiatives

Initiatives for refugee exist in many cities and towns. Those who would like to volunteer to help can inform themselves if an initiative exists nearby using a map of Germany. The map is to be found on the website of Pro Asyl Germany.