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German Rufugees Policy Slovenia Secures Borders to Croatia

Slovenia’s Prime Minister Miro Ceraar has announced his country is going to secure the Croatian border with a barbed wire fence. It is to be used for controlling the flow of refugees via the Balkan-Route.


Mit Stacheldrahtzaun will Slowenien seine Grenzen sichern

. The fences were erected immediately after the Prime Minister’s announcement. Through that Slovenia hopes for more control over the amount of refugees whose aim is Western Europe. Since Austria has announced to limit the refugee permits Slovenia fears a tailback. Cerar says it should be about preventing a humanitarian cataclysm.

According to Slovenian media reports the ‘symbolical’ closure is consented by Germany and Austria.

The so called Balkan-Route runs through Greece, Macedonia, Serbia and Croatia to Slovenia. Via this route refugees try to get to Austria and Germany.

On Tuesday, 10th November, alone 7,400 refugees were registered which mounts the total to 180,000.