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Attacks in Cologne Several foreigners were attacked and hurt.

The police reported having information on the attackers, it is certain that it was xenophobic behavior.

Zwei Polizistinnen im Kölner Hauptbahnhof

Police in Cologne.

People from Syria and Pakistan had been the major targets. About 20 people attacked 6 Pakistanis on the night of 10th January. Two of the latter had to be brought to hospital. Later on, a 39 year old Syrian was hurt in the same street.

A local tabloid, the "Express" had claimed several groups, like hooligans and bouncers, had planned to meet via Facebook to go on "a hunting trip". The police does not confirm these claims. They say, however, that some of the attackers were specifically looking for confrontation.

Police forces attacked

The amount of policemen has increased within the inner city. On Saturday police forces dissolved several demonstrations organized by the anti-islamic political movement “Pegida” and neo-Nazi parties, after participants attacked police forces, bystanders and media representatives with bottles and firecrackers.

These groups used the sexual harrassments and inappropriate behaviour of foreigners towards women on New Year’s Eve to protest against the government’s immigration policy.