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Internet for Refugees Free Wi-Fi for Refugees at Reception Centres

In Rhineland-Pfalz there are several reception centres that offer free Wi-Fi access for refugees. Further locations with such accesses are planned meanwhile.

"Wi-Fi is important for refugees to stay in contact with their families and friends back home" says the spokeswoman of the ADD in Trier to the DPA. Their aim is to install free Wi-Fi in all base accommodations unless it is not doable due to technical issues. Right now there are about 11,800 refugees in those reception centres.

Such Wi-Fi spots already exist in Ingelheim, Diez, Kusel and both centres in Trier. At the Frankfurt-Hahn Airport a model project has been established for a free radio initiative.

Further refugee accommodations such as Daaden, Speyer, Hermeskeil and Birkenfeld have applied for Wi-Fi.