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Schloss Schwetzingen, Rokokotheater, copyright Monika Rittershaus The Festival Schwetzinger SWR Festspiele

Operas and concerts are presented from the Schwetzinger SWR Festspiele ever since 1952 with the artistic credo "To rediscover the old, initiate the new, provide opportunities for the young". [mehr zu: Schwetzinger SWR Festspiele]

Schloss Schwetzingen Locations Schwetzingen Palace and Palace Theatre

Schwetzingen Palace with its historic concert halls, its electoral landscape garden and the incomparable atmosphere of its Palace Theatre, is as instrumental as the music itself in making the Schwetzinger Festspiele into the outstanding events they are. [mehr zu: Schwetzingen Palace and Palace Theatre]

Wasserspiele Schloss Schwetzingen Broadcast Schwetzinger SWR Festspiele on radio and TV

Thanks to the international exchange of programmes among radio channels the festival attendees are not alone in enjoying the Schwetzingen operas and concerts. Up to 700 transmissions a year have made the Schwetzinger Festspiele the world biggest Classical music event on radio. [mehr zu: Schwetzinger SWR Festspiele on radio and TV]

Fahnen der Schwetzinger Festspiele Ticket Sale Tickets for the Schwetzinger SWR Festspiele 2011

Tickets can be ordered by phone, via internet or in box offices in Schwetzingen and cities near by. [mehr zu: Tickets for the Schwetzinger SWR Festspiele 2011]

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